The quality of my life (both physical and emotional) has benefited dramatically.

I’ve had Fibromyalgia for 8 years. When I came to HealthNOW 6 months ago I had experienced fatigue, muscle pain, migraines, insomnia and a general feeling of ill health. I was taking drugs for pain and drugs for sleep.

 Since beginning the health program at HealthNOW I’ve had great success in either reducing or eliminating most of the symptoms’ severity. 

I began a modified diet after an adrenal test showed that a change in diet would probably help some of the insomnia and muscle fatigue.

I began taking supplements which have helped stabilize my energy level.
 I also began exercising regularly which contributes to the overall general well being I have continued to experience. 

I am grateful I was led to the care offered by HealthNOW. The quality of my life (both physical and emotional) has benefited dramatically. This is my year to be well. And the success is due to the partnership I have with all the team at HealthNOW Medical.

— T.P.

I sleep without medication and I’m not depressed. I feel great!

2 years ago I suffered an allergic reaction to a Sulfa drug causing serum sickness. After a month and a half of Prednisone I developed Shingles. Since then I have had a non-stop episode of Fibromyalgia. 

I was unable to sleep without awakening multiple times a night due to hip pain. My ankle was stiff and instead of walking, I “stomped”. My hands hurt to bend them and I had swelling in my hands, legs and feet. Everything hurt. I was depressed, irritable and always exhausted. And, to top it all off, no matter what diet I tried, I only gained weight.

One Saturday I saw an ad in the paper for Dr Petersen’s lecture.
 What could I lose? All my doctors ever did was increase my dose so I would sleep deeper and not feel the pain. I did sleep better but nothing else changed.

 Since I started the program here I’ve lost 32 pounds. I have no hip, hand or generalized pain. My ankles bend and I don’t “stomp” when I walk. I can get up and out of a chair easily without hesitation or pain. I sleep without medication and I’m not depressed. I feel great!


— A.O.

I now feel that my body has stabilized!

Since seeing Dr Petersen I feel that my health is now perfect.

 When I first came in my sleep at night was about 3 hours total. I also had back pain. These things are now fine. It’s really nice to wake up and the clock says 7 A.M. instead of 3 A.M.

 Dr. Petersen also ran other tests which showed my liver was in a very dangerous condition. I’m very thankful that this got handled too.

 Over the last 3 years I haven’t had any cavities. I feel this is due to my dietary changes of cutting out a lot of sugar.

At one point my hair was starting to fall out. That has stopped too.

 My energy level was not good for a long time. But after making the dietary changes that the doctor ordered I feel much more energetic. 

I now feel that my body has stabilized and I know what I need to do in order to maintain it.

Thank you doctors and staff,

— P.H.

I am naturally cured!

Before I started coming to HealthNOW Medical Center I had several problems that were continual. Some of the problems were arm pain and numbness, migraines, high cholesterol, sleeplessness, back and neck pain.

After going to HealthNOW for only 3 months, most of my symptoms and problems have been resolved! 

I hurt my upper left arm while painting the inside of our house last summer. At night, the pain would become worse and my arm would feel numb. It would wake me up at night. I felt like I was becoming weaker all the time.

The Pneu-Back treatments (a specialized form of physical therapy) and the manipulations that got everything back in line and ended the numbness and pain.

 I also had frequent migraines. I did a hormone test and am now into the fourth month of taking my supplement and I have had no migraines this month. I feel like my emotions have leveled out and I do not feel as tired. 

I was on Zocor, a high cholesterol medication. I asked my internist if I could try to control my cholesterol with diet and exercise because the medication made me feel bad.

I went off the medication for three months and with HealthNOW’s help with supplements, nutrition counseling and exercise, I was able to lower my cholesterol naturally so I do not have to take the Zocor any more. 

Another problem I was having was with sleeping. I worked “grave yard” off and on for a while and when I went off that shift I could not sleep through the night. I started taking melatonin with the doctor’s recommendation and I sleep like a baby now. I have more energy and I feel 100% better. 

In addition to the above mentioned problems, I had neck, shoulder and back pain.

Through treatments on the Pneu-Back and manipulations I have no more pain. I do exercises every day for my back and neck and I feel stronger than ever. 

I am a person who likes things that are natural. I hated the thought of starting a medication that I would have to take for the rest of my life. I think it is a miracle that all my problems with my health were handled in a natural way. 

I have not felt this good for as long as I can remember. I am truly grateful and thankful to HealthNOW Medical Center.


— R.M.

I have energy I never knew existed!

When I first heard about Health Now, it was because a cousin was researching information related to her thyroid. She started listed off all of the symptoms that she had related to her thyroid that had cleared up when she removed gluten from her diet. I had never had my thyroid tested, but as I listened to her talk I was amazed at how many symptoms she said cleared up that I had lived with and always thought was normal. I decided to talk to my doctor more in depth, and to ask about those symptoms further, as well as a host of other symptoms. I had terrible allergies, that just had gotten worse and worse as I got older. Several family member had allergies, so it was “normal” to me. I woke up every morning with hives, and was on a cocktail of different prescription and OTC allergy medications just to keep my symptoms at bay enough to be functional. I also had significant IBS symptoms, which had me in and out of the bathroom on a regular basis, even keeping extra clothing at work “just in case.” To top it all off I had bizarre unexplained muscle twitches that were sometimes accompanied with sharp pains, and I was constantly tired (except at night when I should have been sleeping). I also had low blood sugar and low blood pressure and sometimes anemia… as I made my list of symptoms for Health Now, I actually felt like a bit of a train wreck, but I am getting ahead of myself.

I was tested for thyroid issues, after arguing with my doctor that I wanted the test done (despite the fact that both of my grandmothers, my mother and 9 of my aunts are diagnosed with hypothyroid), and I had gone gluten free in the mean time because of the results that my cousin saw. My thyroid test came back as normal, but that didn’t explain why I felt the way I did, and now I knew it wasn’t normal.
 Going gluten free, a lot of things cleared up. The pain I had with the muscle twitches went away within a couple of weeks (and that had been significant). I also wasn’t spending nearly as much time in/out of the bathroom. Those changes in and of themselves gave me hope.
 Then my cousin said she was going to make a trip out to CA to HealthNow.

I read “The Gluten Effect” and saw myself in so many of the issues. It was a bit extreme perhaps, but I decided to join her after I spoke to Dr. Vikki. I didn’t want to bounce around from doctor to doctor locally trying to figure out what was going on. I decided I would be better off making the leap to go to the clinic, and then once I knew what I was looking for, I could try to find a more local doctor.
 There were three of us that were seen at the clinic, and the staff was great, arranging everything so that we could all be seen, crammed into just a couple of days. We did some of our testing from home before we went to make sure that there were results at the clinic when we first got there. There was no need to convince us that gluten free was the way we needed to live, even without test results, but the results confirmed what we knew.
 We all had some similar issues, but some different ones as well.

I happen to have had some pretty intense hive reactions to a whole host of antibiotics, and I showed positive for a couple different parasites, which are generally treated with antibiotics. Dr. Carrie took extra time researching the different possible treatment methods for the parasites, and my antibiotics. She presented a couple different options to me, and we took a calculated risk on the antibiotics, some I had never had, in different families from those I have had a reaction to.
 Going back home, I continues to work with Dr. Rick over the phone. After starting the antibiotic course, my allergies started to lessen. The parasites I had were known to cause those types of reactions in people. Also my IBS issues nearly cleared up entirely. Tweaking my supplements my muscle twitches also ceased, and I began to sleep through the night. Things were so much better than they had ever been, but things were still not where Dr. Rick thought they should be.
 After a stool retest, we found that one of the parasites had not gone completely away. We added supplements for that, and I continued to support my poor adrenal glands that had taken quite a beating from the gluten. At the end of that treatment, I was feeling so exceptional, that we decided not to retest for the parasites, because there was no indication that there was anything going on.

I started this process with HealthNow 8 months ago. I have been gluten free for 11 months. I can honestly say I have never felt better. I have not taken ANY allergy medication in about four months, which is beyond exceptional for me, AND I work outside during the summer! The spring allergies that made everyone miserable barely touched me, and that was while I was still treating the parasites. Now I am working in the dust, mold, pollen environment and I am doing so much better than anyone that I know that doesn’t have “allergies.”
I am no longer worried about where the bathroom is, or living off of supplements for my IBS symptoms. I take a multivitamin and listen to my body. I can tell if I have been exposed to gluten, and though I went through a period where I was hyper sensitive, I seem to be on the other side of that now as well. I do not believe the lie that I can “cheat” or that “a little doesn’t matter.” It just isn’t worth the cascade of symptoms that come flooding back to me that I can feel for the next 3-4 days, and I KNOW it lingers for 3-6 more months in my system wreaking havoc on my adrenals. I have energy I never knew existed. I fall asleep and stay asleep, feeling rested and wake before my alarm in the morning.

Since I know that CA is a bit too far for me to have a regular doctor (I am in WI), I had to seek out a local doctor, and I found one that is savvy to all of this, and has been willing to work with me to transition my primary care and other concerns to their clinic. I don’t think I ever would have found them though, without the vigilant education I received from the doctors and staff at HealthNow. Really, my trip to Health Now gave me a new lease on life, and I feel better now than I ever remember feeling before. It really was a godsend to me.

I was getting a full night’s sleep within 2 weeks!

“When I first arrived at HealthNOW Medical Center my nights of sound sleep did not exist. After the initial assessment and treatment started I was getting a full night’s sleep within 2 weeks.

 As human nature goes, when you start feeling better you tend to ignore taking care of yourself. But the care I’ve received at this clinic has encouraged me to take a preventative maintenance approach to my good health.

 Enjoy your day!”


I am very grateful to the staff who have given the gift of health back to me.

Before coming to HealthNOW Medical Center I was controlled by food, hungry all the time, not feeling full once I ate, craving carbohydrates and getting into a circle of eating sugar and then trying to go off. I also had trouble concentrating, my memory was weak and I had trouble sleeping, being overly tired at the end of the day.

I had most of these symptoms since adolescence. Since I was treated with Adrenal support vitamins and for gluten intolerance, I feel free of my symptoms. I can sleep more soundly, I remember the notes on the piano, I have more stamina and….da-da…have lost and kept off 16 pounds!

I now eat only foods without gluten, sugar and dairy, keep up my activity and rigorous exercise helps even more. I try to small meals, often, and depend more on nuts and fats such as avocado and goat cheese to satiate my hunger in between meals.

I am very grateful to the staff who have given the gift of health back to me.


— C.P.

My symptoms have disappeared after 2 months of treatment!

Before coming to HealthNOW I was fatigued all the time no matter how much I slept the day before. My energy level was horribly low and unnatural for my age (33). Even though I had these symptoms for many years, they have disappeared after 2 months of treatment!

I have learned that certain foods were contributing to this and I have removed them from my diet. Living dairy and gluten-free requires more thought and planning but is well worth the benefits.

In addition to the fatigue I also had problems with insomnia and neck and back pain. Again, these symptoms have completely or nearly subsided after this short course of treatment.

The adjustments and vitamins have made a tremendous difference to my overall health- it is dramatically improved.


— T.H.

6 Tips To Help You With Sleep Problems

As a Physical Therapist, I often meet patients who are having sleep problems. If you’ve ever suffered from insomnia or had a small child, you’ve experienced loss of sleep. And if you’ve had the problem for more than a couple of nights, you know that it can make you cranky, tired and your brain is less alert than normal. So while we know that getting a good night’s sleep is important, why exactly is it important?

Why Sleep is So Important for Health

While you sleep, your body repairs damaged tissues, produces hormones, and kills inhospitable organisms and cancer cells. These processes in turn help to fight inflammation, enhance your mood, and strengthen your immune system. Additionally, a good night’s sleep is known to reduce the chance of weight gain and lessen the likelihood of injury.

All of these processes are vital to your mental and physical health. When your body doesn’t have adequate time to recuperate and repair, your health takes a toll. This relationship between health and sleep, is particularly predictive of heart conditions. Studies have shown that people who report sleeping less than 6 hours a night are more likely to have heart attacks or strokes than people who report sleeping 7 hours or more.

What Causes Poor Sleep—and What Can You Do to Improve Your Sleep?

Irregular sleeping patterns can be caused by a variety of factors. Major causes include stress, alcohol and drug abuse, poor diet, exercising late at night, high blood pressure, obesity related diseases (i.e. diabetes), and emotional disorders (i.e. depression).

Here are 6 steps you can take to improve your sleep quality:

1. Avoid eating, watching TV, or exercising heavily right before bed.

2. Reserve an hour before bedtime for “relaxing” activities like reading, listening to music, and drinking non-caffeinated tea.

3. Avoid naps during the day. Many people feel lethargic mid-day due to a poor diet. Eliminate refined sugars, simple carbohydrates and any foods that you are allergic or sensitive to from your diet. Replace overly refined or reactive foods with organic vegetables, good fats and lean or plant proteins to avoid feeling that mid-day “crash”.

4. Stop drinking caffeine in the afternoon.

5. Exercise. The American Heart Association recommends getting at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise per week. Exercise has been proven to lower blood pressure, reducing your chance of stroke or heart attack and improving overall cardiovascular health. The best time to exercise is first thing in the morning or early afternoon.

6. Reduce your stress. Exercise, meditate, listen to music, and eat healthy – all are proven to reduce stress.

I hope that these tips help. Sometimes the reason for poor sleep requires the help of a clinical nutritionist. Common root causes for sleep disturbances are food sensitivities, infections, toxins and hormonal imbalance. These are easily identified and handled. Don’t put off dealing with a sleeping problem. The repercussions to your health are too serious.

Taking a drug might put you to sleep temporarily, but they have side effects and they are not addressing the root cause of the problem.

Are You Experiencing Sleep Issues?

Taking a drug might put you to sleep temporarily, but they have side effects and they are not addressing the root cause of the problem—contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION. Call (408) 733-0400 to schedule. Our medical center is located in Sunnyvale, CA. If you are not local to us, our DESTINATION CLINIC treats patients from across the country and internationally. We will help you find the underlying root cause!

To your health,

Dr. Rupa Chakravarty