I’ve discovered the secret to life!

I wanted to thank HealthNOW and Dr. Preeti for helping me achieve outstanding results under your weight loss program.

 I first came to HealthNow over two years ago. My main reason for coming was chronic fatigue. I was sleeping up to 12 hours per night and unable to make it through the day without a nap. I was also getting nasty skin rashes, headaches, and other problems that regular medical doctors were not able to cure.

 After being diagnosed as gluten intolerant at HealthNow and strictly avoiding gluten since then, my health fully recovered. My fatigue and other medical problems completely disappeared! I haven’t needed more than 7 hours sleep per night and have super amounts of energy. But even after adapting to my new gluten free diet I was still very overweight. I had tried every weight loss program ever devised- especially high protein, low carb programs. They never seemed to work for me. Then Dr. Preeti suggested I try a plant based program. I was concerned at first.

At my age of 51, I don’t remember ever having a meal that didn’t include meat. But I figured I might as well try it since I’d tried everything else unsuccessfully.In the first 7 weeks of my program I lost 33 pounds and my body mass index category dropped from “obese” to merely “overweight”.

This weight loss caused my pant size to drop from a 46 waist to a 38 waist and even my neck size dropped an inch and a half. I’m beyond thrilled with these results; it feels like I’ve discovered the secret to life. Women are looking at me again and all my friends tell me I look more than ten years younger. My energy is off the charts now and I’ve never felt better in my entire life! At my current rate of progress. I’m on track to be the same weight in the next 7 weeks as when I got out of the Army thirty years ago.

And the best thing about this new diet is that it is sustainable.

Unlike previous diets, I can eat like this for the rest of my life. I don’t have to eat just broccoli or all salads; I get to eat potatoes, rice, fish, and other foods I love every day. I have really adapted to this new diet and should have no problem eating this way in the future.

— E.G.

In a matter of months, I dropped the recently-acquired 25 lbs of body fat.

I was a mess. I felt really old, struggling to get through the day. I got “summer colds” 5 and 6 times a year, in spring, summer, and fall. Most of those times, I had to take a few days off from work. 

I hated to drive at night, oncoming headlights made my eyes hurt so badly. (Yellow lens helped, but they weren’t enough.) I absolutely had to wear sunglasses during the day, for the same reason. And all of that was before things got really bad.

When things were at their worst, I was gaining a pound or two a month, instead of a pound or two a year. I gained 25 lbs in no time at all. I had hives on my legs, elbows, and the tops of my feet. They itched so horribly that I just had to scratch, until I had open sores everywhere.

Serious antihistamines gave me temporary relief, so I knew I had an “allergy” problem. But I didn’t know what I was allergic to–and I’m not a fan of taking drugs to treat symptoms. So I kept my eye out for solutions. 

Fortunately, I found the folks at HealthNOW Medical. I went to Dr Vikki’s lecture on weight loss, of all things, and discovered that the most common food to produce negative reactions is wheat, due to the gluten it contains.

 I did my homework on gluten reactions. Sure enough, most every single symptom I had been experiencing stemmed from that single, root cause–and it explained quite a few childhood ailments, as well.

 I began working with Dr Rick. We removed all possible symptom-producing foods from my diet, slowly adding back those that were found to be ok. We shored up my exhausted adrenal glands, and provided higher levels of nutrients I hadn’t been absorbing well–with the understanding that these were temporary measures necessary to counter gluten’s ill effects. The results were astonishing.

 In a matter of months, I dropped the recently-acquired 25 lbs of body fat.

Over the next year, my energy levels steadily rose. I became more productive at work, and began exercising more regularly and more vigorously, so my body fat percentage keeps improving. 

The itching stopped almost immediately. The sores on my legs and arms began to heal, and recede. Eventually, they vanished altogether. I still have an “early warning radar” in the form of itchy elbows or feet whenever I unknowingly encounter something that has gluten in it. But I use that warning to identify the offender and remove it from my diet.

 Now, I frequently find myself outdoors or driving at night for quite a while before suddenly realizing that I forgot to put on my shades. 

I found gluten-free versions of breads and even cookies, so I don’t feel like I am missing much–but I also found that I was no longer /addicted/ to them, as I had been with wheat. I can go days without eating them and never even miss them.

I feel great after my treatment. And as my insides heal, things just keep getting better. 

Most of all, I feel as energetic as I did 20 years ago. I no longer feel like I’m so old that I’m just “hanging on”, unable to do much. In many ways, I’m stronger now than I ever was. It’s a kick and a half to be young and active again!
— E.A.

Losing weight already!

In March of 2004 I weighted 216 lbs. I had been on Weight Watcher’s for 6 months and struggled to lose 12 lbs. I knew that I needed to exercise but I had a fast-paced job and didn’t have the energy at the end of the day to even lift a toothpick. I felt burned out! I thought that something serious may be wrong so I went to see my General Practitioner for an exam.

 When I went to see my doctor she told me that weight gain was natural for a woman my age- I’m 50; and that I shouldn’t expect to look like I did in my 30s. And that I should be thankful that I was healthy. That answer was simply unacceptable to me. And I wasn’t in good health! I was clinically obese, depressed, I had asthma and eczema, I had pain in my joints and I had no energy.

My doctor gave me Motrin for pain, steroid for the asthma, a topical creme for the eczema. I felt like I was back to square one, but now I needed a trunk for all my medications.

 One day at work I attended a brown bag seminar on Weight Control by Dr Vikki Petersen. During Dr Vikki’s lecture, I realized that I had many of the symptoms she described. I found the subject fascinating.

When Dr Vikki offered a free consultation, I signed up. 

I went to HealthNOW and met with Dr Rick Petersen who explained that the way I was eating was contributing to the stress on my body. I did lab tests and the results showed Adrenal stress. The doctor explained how the medical problems I was having were related to this condition.

 After 2 weeks on supplements and eating healthier I noticed that I was no longer craving sugar. I wasn’t going hungry and I felt lighter and less bloated. After 4 weeks I really began to feel better. The aches and pains had disappeared and my asthma symptoms were gone. My eczema was clearing up and I had started to lose some weight.

 After 2 months I felt even better.

My life was simplified with my new way of eating and I had more energy. By the end of the 3rd month I felt so much better that I was ready to address the one big issue left which had been a problem for me since adolescence – my irregular menstrual cycle and PMS. Dr Rick made some suggestions and by the second cycle I noticed a difference.

My PMS has improved and my cycle is down to 33 days from its previous 45 days. 

My weight has begun to drop off. I’ve lost 2 pant sizes and 2 bra sizes, my double chin is gone and I don’t feel puffy and bloated any more. I feel better and look better and people around me are starting to notice. 

This program has worked wonders for me. I would recommend HealthNOW to anyone who is interested in improving their health. Looking back, I was probably heading towards diabetes. I’m thankful to Dr’s Rick and Vikki Petersen for their dedication, guidance and support in helping me. It wasn’t easy at first, but now I feel like a new person.

Thank you!

— C.P.