My energy levels have risen substantially!

I came to HealthNOW through a referral by a friend. I knew I had poor eating habits, I was experiencing very low energy, bloating, weight gain and headaches.

 I didn’t truly believe that a change in my diet would change my life but it definitely has! In just 1 month I lost 6 pounds. My energy levels have risen substantially. I don’t experience as much stress and I haven’t had a significant headache in weeks.

Through HealthNOW I learned about balancing my diet and eating a broad range of healthy foods. I’ve been taking supplements to support my body which have helped tremendously. 

My friends and co-workers comment on my appearance, often saying that I look like I’ve been in the sun – glowing and healthy!

 I haven’t felt deprived of any food during my nutritional program and the benefits I’m experiencing are so marked that I plan to continue this as long as I can!

 All the professionals at HealthNOW have been so supportive through this program and are extremely knowledgeable. I have learned much about my body and its needs.

 Thank you for helping me to feel my best!

— L.M.